10 Jan 2015

The Easy-Peasy Holiday Face

When you're travelling to a new or familiar place for a holiday, you want to be able to enjoy your time there and look great; who doesn't want that? The less time you spend in the bathroom faffing about, the better. Here are my top 3 tips for achieving the perfect fresh-faced look for your next holiday…

Keep that base simple
Particularly when you're travelling to a city/country with a tropical climate, you really want to keep the base light so as to prevent it from sliding off your face halfway through the day. Recently I've been using the Clarins Instant Concealer under my eyes and on my cheeks and nose (to conceal redness), applying it with my fingers. I follow up with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation which just applies like a dream and does not look caked on or powdery. The combined effect of the concealer and mineral makeup is fresh and natural, enhancing what you already have. 

To add life back into your complexion, I suggest using a pink/peach blush (I use NARS Deep Throat Blush) on the apples of your cheeks and blending slightly upwards. Sweeping some bronzer (I use NARS Laguna Bronzer) in the 3/E shape will bring some warmth; you could also contour if that's your thing and you can't live without it. The Laguna Bronzer is perfect because it can be used as both a bronzer and a contour. 

Play With The Eyes
The best way to change up your whole makeup look is to play around with different eye looks. For  basic daytime activities such as museum tours and walks, I suggest using a shimmery taupe or brown eyeshadow, like the Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pale Barley which will add some dimension to your eyes; this eyeshadow works well if you decide to use eyeliner and a lot of mascara. 

For night activities, such as dinners, you have multiple options for how to change up your eye look. Going from day to night, still using Pale Barley, you could add a dramatic cat eye or even use a kohl liner and black eyeshadow and smoke it out. 

For the brows, keep it really simple with the Benefit Gimme Brow which sets and gives the appearance of thicker brows. I love using this for days where I just want a "natural but something more" look. 

Set Set Set
Using a setting spray, like the Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray will ensure that your makeup will last for a while. I have heard that the combination of the De-Slick setting spray and the original setting spray sets your makeup for an entire day. I find that I also do need to blot or powder (even if using mineral makeup) my nose halfway through the day. Having a setting spray with you also allows you to create more intense eye looks by wetting your brush with the setting spray and using your eyeshadows damp, provided they can be used damp. Just remember to check as not all eyeshadows take well to being wet and it can seal. 

I've been using these three tips on my trip to Singapore and I've found that they do help take the 'thinking' out of it all. Be sure to stay tuned for my next couple of posts as I will continue to write about my wonderful trip to Singapore! 


  1. Great tips! I really would love to try out the Benefit Gimme Brow product! It sound increible an I love that brand too. x x


    1. Gimme Brow is one of my staple brow products; both the light/medium and medium/dark shades are perfectly ashy! Thank you for reading :)

  2. Totally agree, while on vacation I don't want to experience with crazy smokey eyes, but keeping it neutral and perhaps a make a statement with a fun lipstick shade :)


    1. Smoky eyes on holidays are reserved for date nights and special events, in my opinion (if you can even be bothered!) The shade of lipstick you choose can really change the effect you're going for!

  3. Thank you fore these great tips - I would love to use tarte products, they sound so good!

    xo Melane || Pure Perspective

    1. I'm glad you like them! If you can get your hands on some products, definitely try them out; Tarte is one of my trusted brands and I love all of their products that I've tried :)

  4. JEALOUSSSSS huhu i want everything you have HAHA


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