29 Oct 2014

Life Update #2: Welcoming the 20s

On Sunday, the 26th of October, I said goodbye to my 'teen' years and said hello to my 'ty' years. In the months leading up to my birthday, I kept on telling my mom that I wasn't turning 20 this year, but rather I'd be celebrating my second 19th birthday. I don't know why I wasn't excited to be turning 20. Perhaps it meant that adulthood is finally at my doorstep and that real life starts very very soon. 

I spent most of the day icing and decorating my birthday cake. It was an extremely hot day that day, and I didn't particularly want to go out in the afternoon. Kieran joined me and my family for dinner at El Bulli in Surry Hills, a Spanish tapas restaurant. Please, if you're in Sydney and you're a fan of Spanish food, you must have a meal at El Bulli! The atmosphere was amazing, the food was absolutely delicious, and the staff was incredibly friendly. We went back home for some cake and the day was done. I would normally share the recipe for the things I bake, but this one comes from mom's secret notebook and so I can't share that, sorry!

That night, just before I went to bed I had a think about the people in my life and how they've impacted me these last few years. I am blessed to have such supportive parents who support me in my decisions, who guide me towards the right path, and who listen with open hearts and open minds. I am blessed to have my amazing girlfriends who have been the people I turn to for anything and everything for the past 5 years; I know they'll continue to be there always. And I am blessed to have a wonderful boyfriend, who (despite our many disagreements) has stuck with me for three years and has continued to support me, listen to me, make me laugh, and make me feel loved everyday. These are the people closest to me and I love them so much. 

I've made a few promises to myself for my time as a 20 year old. I won't be sharing all of them, but what I did want to share with you is my promise to myself to just generally be happy and to try and stop worrying so much. It's something that's difficult for me to do (the worrying), but now it's something that I am definitely going to work on. I think I'll be taking to the old notebook to try and help, but mostly I think I'll just try and be in whatever moment I'm in and to let my mind be in the present and not in the past or the future. 

I'll see you in Thursday's post! Thanks for reading!

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