About Me

Meet the girl behind the blog…

I'm Paulaena Marie (or just Paulaena) and I'm a student at the Univeristy of Sydney, currently undertaking a bachelor's in engineering (chemical and biomolecular). I've had a penchant for makeup since I was a young girl, wandering around department stores with both my grandma and mum. When Year 10 started, I began to purchase a few bits and bobs to try and build up my makeup kit (most were 'borrowed' from mom's) and that's where it all really began. 

I have a similar story for baking. My mom has been baking for as long as I can remember and has inspired me to try my hand at it. In the past three years, I've attempted many cookie and cupcake recipes and I'm slowly building my own little recipe collection. My baking skills have greatly improved (and so has my cooking skills!). 

Tweezers and Tongs is an amalgamation of beauty, kitchen, and lifestyle posts. I hope to share, inspire, and entice you into my little world!

My header and watermarks are designed by Andrea Bautista
I use a Canon EOS 60D to take my product photos (and occasionally, my iPhone 6)