24 Jul 2014

(Ice) Screaming for Mocha Chip

My latest purchase is from the limited edition Stila Ice Cream collection; it's the eyeshadow trio in 'Mocha Chip' (AUD $40). I was on the hunt for an eyeshadow palette which featured mainly brown-toned shades after noticing that a majority of the eyeshadows I had fell in the grey/purple colour scheme. It was a toss up between this eyeshadow trio and the Stila In The Light palette. There was a AUD$20 difference in the price range and realistically the In The Light palette was a better value for money, but when I found out that this was limited edition, I knew I had to have it.

First of all, the packaging is ADORABLE. The eyeshadows come in a classic paper-style container with lovely pastel colours. Inside the lid is a cute little saying which basically explains why I bought this product… sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a little special something!

The shades in this trio are enough to create an everyday subtle smokey eye look. The cream colour being the base and highlight, the mid-toned brown (which actually turns out to be an almost rose gold shade) for the centre of the eye and in the crease, and the darker chocolate-y shade for the outer corner.

I wore this look today, and found that the cream shade was a little bit chalky and a bit too glittery for my liking. In the pan it is a gorgeous pinky-creamy shade, but that did not translate as well when applied on the lids. The mid-toned brown surprised me because it appeared to be a rose-gold shade on my lids instead of the bronze shade you see in the pan(you can see what I mean in the swatches). Finally, we get to the chocolate brown shade, which was the best out of the three. The colour was true to the colour in the pan and it was very easy to apply.

Seeing as today was the first time I wore this look out, I didn't have much time to play around with it. My first impression was that it was nice but not the best. However, I would definitely still go back to this trio for an easy and everyday eye look.

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