13 Dec 2014

The Ol' Faithful (aka Products I'd Definitely Repurchase)

Despite my incessant need to try new beauty and skincare products, when I find something that I love and works in my (and my skin's) favour, it definitely goes into my 'To Repurchase' category. Most of what's in my list is skincare because let's face it, I go through skincare faster than I go through makeup. 

Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil
Love it. Love it. Love it. One pump is all I need to remove all of the day's makeup. It's silky, cushion-y, and doesn't leave any sort of film when you rinse it off. What I love about this is I can also use it to take away my eye makeup as it doesn't sting at all. It's not really cooling (as the name suggests), but there is a very slight mintyness to it. 

REN Clarimatte Clarifying Toner 
Slightly reduces pore size, controls oiliness, and has exfoliating properties, this bottle is the reason my skin is as good as it is now. It contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid in concentrations that are high enough to do its job but low enough so as to not cause sensitive skin to flip out. The price tag isn't too painful either at AUD$24 at Mecca Cosmetica

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Ever heard the term 'good skin in a bottle'? Well, this is it. This wonder product has helped with uneven skin tone and texture, calming down breakouts, and just keeping the skin looking healthy and glowing. I typically use 3 drops and just press it into my skin. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel 
This is the one for Combination/Oily skin. It's very lightweight and has a slight blurring property. It helps control oiliness and is a great base for makeup. This little tube has lasted me ages as you don't need that much for each application. This has been the best moisturiser I have tried that works well with my combination skin. I definitely wouldn't use this in the cooler months though as it isn't moisturising enough. 

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
I love this for its ability to set my makeup and controlling oil. I like to apply it before priming and after I complete my makeup and it really does help prolong makeup wear. 

Benefit Gimme Brow
Perfect product for a no-fuss brow. It thickens brows and sets them in one sweep. I love using this when I'm just out with mom running errands, or when I decide I don't want to spend too much time on my makeup for uni, or for work. I was recommended the light/medium shade but I think it's a bit too light on me so I will try the darker shade when I repurchase. 

I also forgot to photograph the Philosophy Purity Cleanser. It's a very gentle product that removes everything yet isn't stripping in the slightest. I have purchased 2 of the smallest size (each of which lasted me about 3 months), and I just repurchased it in the 240mL bottle. You don't need much at all, but because I love it so much I decided buying the bigger bottle was more economical. 

Do you have any products that you have repurchased or plan to repurchase? Let me know down below!


  1. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate sounds like a miracle!! I'll have to buy some soon!

  2. Hi Paulaena! I am a fellow Kiehl's fan right here! Have been using the Midnight Recovery Conc for months and adore it.. but lately I've been feeling a little off because the fragrance content in it is seriously worrisome! I am on a lookout for an alternative and hope to find one soon!


    1. I've actually had to stop using it for a while because the essential oils were making my cheeks very VERY red and warm. It wasn't like this for me before, but I guess my skin has become more sensitive. I found that mixing in 3 drops with my night cream (like the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre) reduces the effect of the oil in terms of making skin reactive. Another great oil is just pure rose hip oil, it's seriously wonderful! I hope things work out for you and let me know if you find an alternative!


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