4 Feb 2015

The Haircare Trio

Hair products can go untouched for months in the cupboard under my sink. I just don't seem to ever use them up unless I'm going out to a party in which case I would pull out the heat protectant and hairspray, but really aside from that I only use three things: Indola Innova Wonder Treatment, Klorane Dry Shampoo, and my Blo Brush (aka Wet Brush).

I had dabbled in hair oils and creams but none of them really worked for me; they either weighed my hair down or broke me out (having my hair by my face) or made my hair look greasy. Last year I decided to try extending the period between washing my hair so all the heavy stuff had to go. To help with my endeavour, I recruited the Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo which I absolutely loved because you can pile this stuff on and you don't get the feeling like you have a tonne of product in your hair (I'm looking at you Batiste….) The Oat Milk helps soothe my scalp and it gives a little bit of volume at the roots. 

For hair treatments, I discovered the Indola Innova Wonder Treatment at my hair salon. This magical little concoction has 10 benefits which include shine & smoothness, repair & nourishment, UV & colour protection formula (helpful since I have colour treated hair), and most importantly boasts a feather-light formula. This is the ONLY hair treatment I have actually stuck by and I am definitely going to repurchase. As this is a salon product, I'm not sure how readily available it is but if you are able to get your hands on it, definitely invest in a bottle. 

Finally, my Blo Brush. This is a spinoff of the original Wet Brush that can withstand high heat. I chose this over the original one because I enjoyed the thicker bristles. The Blo Brush is much more gentle than the Tangle Teezer and it doesn't go flying out of my hands when it encounters a tricky knot. To wash my brush, I just remove all the hair, fill up the sink with warm water and some clarifying shampoo and give the brush a good swish around to remove any product residue and dust. 

These three products seem to be a great combination for me right now. Just a note, when I wash my hair I wash with conditioner first and then shampoo to help extend the time between washes. There are days when I really do need dry shampoo but on the most part, I can go a day without it. 

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