4 Apr 2015

Spots of Bother

Since getting back from France and returning uni for the semester my skin has been majorly freaking out; it was congested, spotty, and stubborn. Luckily I had some products under my belt that helped with getting my complexion back to normal. It was perfect timing as well as Clearasil kindly sent me a couple of products that packed a punch and sped up the process! 

Starting with facial cleansers, a product that I wouldn't have normally picked up is the Clearasil Rapid Action Gel Wash*. I like to use this when my skin is exceptionally bad and only on my chin, jaw, and forehead as this product is stronger than what I am used to and it does dry my skin a little bit. I found that it was effective in clearing up the little spots that I seemed to have been waking up with everyday. However, I found that whenever I used this my eyelids seem to be heavy and gritty, but I'm not sure why that is. 

As my skin actually likes manual exfoliation, I was looking for a product that was natural and gentle. Enter the Moreish Skincare Anew Exfoliator. It contains argan oil, kiwifruit extracts, and Jojoba. The exfoliating particles are from the jojoba plant (as far as I am aware) and the cleanser itself is quite creamy with it having a kaolin base. I use this every other day and my skin always feels smooth and nourished. Highly recommend this for sensitive skins out there! 

For toners, I've been using the La Roche-Posay Serozinc (which I talked about in my previous post) and the REN Clarimatte Clarifying Toner. I've gone back to the REN toner after trying out a Kate Somerville one as it's truly the only one that helped control oil and clear up congestion. I've raved about this before and with good reason, not to mention it's not too pricey. 

My Witch Skincare spot treatments haven't been working so well lately, but one thing that has is the Clearasil Rapid Action Pimple Cream*. I only use a tiny amount on my spotty areas and immediately I feel a cooling sensation which seems to help with the redness. Blemishes are gone overnight and that's that! I don't find that this particularly dries my skin out which is great, especially for a powerful spot treatment. 

Probiotics is also known to help with rosacea and acne so I thought I'd try it out. It's good for balancing out your skin if it's become a bit unhappy and I found that my redness has calmed down a lot. I like to mix the contents of a probiotic capsule in with some greek yogurt or jojoba oil for a scrubby, gentle mask. I mix in about 2 capsules whenever I make a mask and I do this once a week to once every two weeks. 

One last tip, skins have a tendency to become more susceptible to the effects of the sun when using exfoliating products and products that contain AHAs, so be sure to use extra protection from sun damage. They also have a short questionnaire to help you decide which Clearasil skin care products best suit your skin type. 

How do you deal with spotty skin? Let me know below! 


  1. Great tip. I have spots that I'm trying to get rid of. This was very helpful post.


    1. Glad to be of help! Hopefully some of these products work for you :)

  2. The La Roche Posay product sounds really interesting! I have been loving the Clearasil gel wash, but try not to use it everyday as it begins to dry out my skin too. Great post! :) X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty


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