29 Apr 2015

Sweet, Sweet Frank

Body scrubs. What's not to love? Dry bits are smoothed, limbs become extra touchable, and they smell great! It was only recently that I had really found the appeal in using a separate body scrub to the loofah I use to scrub myself with on a daily basis. I've experienced scrubs from The Body Shop, Lush, Toby and Rosie (an Aussie natural skincare brand), and now Frank Body. Frank scrubs are coffee scrubs mixed in with a few other goodies like cacao, coconut, and peppermint, and they are completely amazing. 

Here's the thing, my best friend Emma got this for Christmas as a present and she would not stop bugging me to order a few scrubs for myself (would. not. stop.). She kept raving on about how amazing this made her skin feel and how effective it was with reducing acne, particularly the Coconut scrub. I finally caved and bought the bundle that contained an Original scrub, a scrub of my choice (I chose Cacao), a Body Balm, and express shipping for AUD$49.95. The shipping was extra speedy, arriving at my doorstep two days later and so the magical experience began… 

First of all, one thing I love about Frank is that their packaging is adorable, friendly (if packaging could ever be such a thing), and a little bit cheeky! Their descriptions are conversational and casual and to me it really fits in with the relaxed Aussie lifestyle. Inside the box were my two scrubs, which were contained in these paper bag looking zip lock bags, the body balm, and some information on the products inside. 

I first opened the Original scrub, wanting to save the Cacao one because Emma constantly emphasised that this was the best one. I opened the bag and I was greeted with the strangest of scents; it was coffee with a sour hint of orange and if there's one thing I do not enjoy, it's orange scented things (and chocolate orange…). I don't know why they decided to add in the orange which rather overpowered the coffee, but despite my dislike for the scent I used the scrub a few times to see how I like it. I only used it twice and decided to give it to mum who is more inclined towards orange infusions and she has also been interested in coffee scrubs. 

When I opened up the Cacao scrub and took a sniff, I swear I entered nirvana. Seriously, it's amazing. I enjoyed using it a lot more than the Original scrub and I found that this was actually more effective in smoothing out my upper arms, which suffers from keratosis pilaris. It hasn't completely gotten rid of it, but it's well on it's way to doing so! Frank coffee scrubs have oils in them which help to moisturise the body, which is great for those with dry skins such as myself. 

The Body Balm is something I enjoy using because it's essentially a mixture of oily goodness that I slather on my legs right after a scrub (and when my legs are feeling extra dry). Unfortunately it smells like orange coffee too, but I can deal with that. 

To use the scrub, I hop in the shower and dampen my skin so that the scrub has something to adhere to. Then, I grab a small handful of the scrub and with a closed fist run it under the water for a bit which helps for a cleaner scrubbing experience. All you need to do now is scrub away! 

I will definitely order the coconut and peppermint scrubs in the future to see which one works best for my skin and I will let you guys know how I go with them. 

Have you tried Frank Body scrubs before? Did you like them? 


  1. I like the sound of this bundle! I haven't tried Frank before but I did make my own coffee scrub once which was nice! Will definitely have to try Frank out because I only ever hear good things! The body balm sounds yum too :) X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. The bundle is great value for money but I wouldn't get it again just because I really did not like the Original scrub. Frank is seriously amazing! I love how moisturised my skin feels afterwards :)


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