13 Aug 2014

Naturally Clear!

Hey all! I apologise for this week's Tuesday post being late. It's only the third week into this semester and already I'm swamped with assignments!

Today's post is going to be a short one. I have nothing but good things to say about the Witch brand. I purchased the blemish stick at a time when it seemed like spots were popping up on my face every single day. I wanted something that was simple and natural, and this little blue beauty caught my eye. It is formulated with witch hazel, an astringent produced by the Witch Hazel shrub. Witch hazel is hemostatic (reduces redness and helps with healing by reducing blood loss) and is an antioxidant, which helps maintain normal skin renewal.

The blemish stick and the blemish gel retail for AUD$9.99 each at Priceline pharmacies. I actually purchased the gel for my brother after I raved about the stick to my mom, but it wasn't effective in clearing up his acne. I gladly took it off their hands and rejoiced at having yet another Witch product!

I've used both products on all sorts of spots I get on my face: pesky red ones that appear in the morning; painful and stubborn ones you get under my nose or right above my lip; and the ones you get at 'that time of the month'. No matter what kind of spot I use this on, I know for certain that the next morning they will be gone (or reduced by 85%).

I've tried all sorts of blemish products over the years from brands like Clearasil and Neutrogena, but nothing has worked as effectively as this brand. Witch is a brand that I will most definitely keep coming back to as they have been the only ones to provide products that work well on my skin without drying it out severely or causing discomfort. They offer other products such as an oil control foaming face wash, cleansing and toning wipes, a gentle exfoliating face wash, and even a concealer stick!

Do you have a particular favourite product or brand when it comes to keeping those blemishes at bay?

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