26 Aug 2014

Step Into My… Vanity?

Okay, so here's that big post I promised last week! I thought it was time to show you all my vanity table, as well as how I store and organise my makeup bits and bobs. I redid my room over a month ago and one thing that I really wanted was to have a vanity table where I can sit down and actually get ready instead of standing up in front of my bathroom mirror with barely any space to lay my products out. I have the Borgsjö table,  Nils stool, and Myken mirror which are all from IKEA. I chose the table because of the slight woodgrain finish and the bluey-white shade which matches my room perfectly. I wanted something that was dainty and cute, while still being highly functional. 

On top of my table I keep 3 little jars which holds cotton buds and cotton pads, my makeup brush holder, my jumbo mug of lip products, whatever nail polish I'm wearing currently, a facial mist, and my current fragrance (Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Body Mist). 

My mom and I went out looking for cute storage containers so I could better organise my table. We found two wicker baskets (which store face products and eye products) at Howard's Storage, the three little jars and tea container at The Reject Shop, and my jumbo mug at Officeworks. I spent a total of $50, including the tape I used to decorate the little jars. It was a bit more than what I was willing to spend, but it was definitely worth it in the end!

You might all be wondering why my lip products are in a mug. They're in there for two reasons; first of all, I don't have that many and secondly, I'm trying to get into using lip products more often. I usually just stick to my Lanolips Lemon Aid lip balm, but now I'm trying to use the lipsticks and glosses that I have. 

As you can see, there are three compartments in my table. The top one houses the two wicker baskets for face and eye products; the second shelf houses my jewellery and a little container of 'clean up' stuff (i.e. makeup wipes, a bottle of Bioderma, a makeup brush cleaner, and hand sanitizer); and the bottom shelf is where I put my current handbag that I'm using, my sunnies, and my candles. 

Side note, I don't use makeup wipes to remove my makeup! I use the wipes to remove any makeup that gets on my hands, especially since I use my fingers to apply my NARS Sheer Glow foundation and pat in my under-eye concealer with my ring finger. 

I apologise for the GIFs being so quick; Photoshop has a bug which does not allow me to change the frame delay. Overall, I'm quite happy with how my my vanity turned out and it's definitely my favourite part of my bedroom!

How do you organise and store your makeup? Let me know down below! 

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  1. Love your giant mug - it's super cute.

    Jazzie x


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