7 Aug 2014

Optometry Giving Sight Charity Bake Sale


My best friend Emma is the president of her university's sector of the Optometry Giving Sight Foundation and when she asked me if my mom and I were interested in baking some cookies and cupcakes for her to sell for fundraising, we couldn't resist! The whole process took two weeks, seeing as it was in winter and the cookies and royal icing needed time to properly set. The cupcakes we made were butter with lemon buttercream, and chocolate with vanilla buttercream. 

From what Emma has told me, the goods were a hit! Some even said the chocolate cupcakes were the best they've ever had! *wink* 

It was a great project for mom and I to do in between uni semesters; we certainly bonded while icing cookies and mixing buttercream. This was the first time I have ever decorated cookies, and the first time I have ever had to write with icing (which took lots of practice). I was in charge of piping the buttercream on to the chocolate cupcakes, and I was impressed with what I could do considering I had never really done that before. This whole experience was a learning experience for me in decorating baked goods, and I'm very keen to expand on the skills I learned over the two weeks! 

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