16 May 2015

My Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal is something that many are embarrassed to talk about because let's face it, no one wants to talk about how hairy they are and where they need hair removal the most. I started in Year 6 when I was having my legs waxed; for some reason mum didn't want me to shave so waxing was something I had to go through every month or so. It was painful (particularly because I was and still am a hairy human being) and unpleasant but it left me with smooth legs for weeks. When I moved to Australia I didn't know any beauticians and things were a lot more expensive here so I began shaving my legs and underarms. As everyone knows, shaving is convenient and instantaneous so it became my hair removal method of choice. 

As I got older I began experimenting with different methods of hair removal. I had my fair share of removal cream experiences, which usually ended with irritated legs and slight chemical burns (ouch…).  This post will basically serve as a mini guide to hair removal methods that I've experienced and hopefully they'll be of help to the hair girls (and guys) of the world!

I mentioned earlier that shaving is convenient and instantaneous. You can buy a razor from the supermarket and off you go! A friend of mine told me that she used men's razors to shave her legs and got a really close shave because of it; I decided to give it a go and I haven't looked back! I use the Schick Hydro 5 razor and have been using it for the past 3 years. It gives a really close shave and the top of the blade can be flipped back to allow for an even closer shave (great for bikini lines). Seriously, try a men's razor and you'll be converted. 

As embarrassing as it is, I actually used a regular razor to shave my upper lip for a while. It was awkward to use and imprecise. I discovered the Tweezerman Precision Folding Brow Razor at Priceline and it is honestly such a versatile little thing. I've used it to remove upper lip hair as well as tidying up my brows in between getting them done at a salon (the tops can get a bit unruly). It's compact and gentle and comes with a little grooming brush at the end! 

Recently I've been getting my upper leg waxed, purely because I get really bad razor rash when I shave (mmm, sexy). Waxing really helped the hair grow back thinner and each session becomes less and less painful. In the Summer time shaving everyday can be a pain so waxing is a great option. I was kindly sent the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll On Kit* which was a device that resembles what some salons have. The idea is that the heater (which you plug into a socket) heats up the wax and after 20ish minutes you roll the wax on to your legs and off you go. I tried this out and I was very impressed with the product! The wax rolled on to my legs easily and the heat helped open the pores up a little to make hair removal easier. I'm still not too sure about waxing my legs myself because waxing the bottom half really hurts (for me) but come summer time I will brave the pain! The kit comes with wax strips and some finishing wipes to get the remaining wax off. The electrical roll really gave a mess-free wax application which is definitely a plus in my books! No one wants wax everywhere…. 

I was also sent the Veet High Precision Wax* which I used to remove the hairs between my brows (no one wants a monobrow) and the bulk of my upper lip hair. The idea is to immerse the tube in hot water to allow the wax to thin out and then you apply it on to the areas you need and use a strip to wax it off. I love the fact that it really allows for a precise application but I find that the wax cools down too quickly so be ready with a cup of very hot water and keep that next to you. It also comes with a nifty tool to help spread the wax to the right areas! 

Veet has a bunch of other waxing products that might suit your needs better. They also have information on hair removal  to demystify the different methods. 

Laser hair removal is a godsend. It's a painful godsend, but a godsend nevertheless. Plagued with constant ingrowns in my bikini area and underarms, I was determined to get those areas lasered. If you have a high pain tolerance and the money to spend I really do recommend getting laser hair removal. With my experience, I've noticed virtually no ingrowns, thinner hair growing back (if any), and the benefits of not having to worry about shaving! The thing with laser is that it does cost quite a bit but I recommend looking for a reputable place because some places will charge you less but they also lower the intensity of the laser so the treatment is not as effective. This is definitely something you will need to do research on! 

As you can see I use different methods for different areas of my body. I suggest trying a few out to see where you are most comfortable; I mean, not everyone is comfortable with bearing all at a salon. At home waxing requires a bit more patience and practice but once you get the hang of it, it will be so much more convenient than going out and getting it done or even shaving! Try it out and see how you go! One method that I'm interested in (and also petrified by) is epilating, so I'm yet to embark on that journey. I'll let you all know if I decide to try it… 

What is your preferred method of hair removal? Let me know below! 


  1. Love this post! The men's razor thing is so clever, I've never even thought to try it! I have always shaved my legs because it's quick and easy, I wax my upper lip myself (too embarrassed to go get it done haha) and I have also just started waxing my own arms. There are so many at-home products now that it's easier (and cheaper!) to do it if you're brave hehe. Underarms are the worst though... I shave but if I can afford it one day I will certainly be lasering them!

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm still a bit hesitant to wax my arms because I don't like the feeling of freshly removed hair and clothing (I shudder at the feeling of wearing jeans and just shaved legs!). I HIGHLY recommend getting underarms layered; I know it's pricey but in the long run it's worth it. I find that the 'shadow' was significantly reduced as well as the irritation!


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