15 May 2015

Ultimate 'Load Em Up' Cookie Recipe

There are some cookie recipes that are perfect on its own. They're the perfect chocolate chip cookie or Russian tea cakes (or Mexican Wedding Cookies) and altering their recipe would just be a sin. There are other recipes that beg to be altered and filled with all sorts of good stuff, and this is where Smitten Kitchen's Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies come in! 

The dough is thick enough to hold its shape and you can really pack it with nuts, chips, pretzels, sprinkles, you name it! When I was making these, I was looking for combinations that would complement each other; you really want to find a balance with your fillings because although they may taste great on its own, they might be a confusing mess when they're together. I recommend picking something from the 'sweets' (chocolate chips, Clinkers if you're Aussie, coconut flakes) and from the 'salties' (pretzels, nuts) and try them out! I went with dark chocolate chips, caramel chips, and walnuts in an attempt to clear out our box full of baking goods! If you're not sure about what to put in, you could always have a test batch and separate your dough. 

One thing I found about this recipe that I wasn't too happy about was how sweet it was. It might be a bit too sweet for some people, especially if you plan on adding a lot of sweets in it. Mum's recommendation is to leave out the 2 tbsp turbinado sugar and she knows her stuff. 

Looking at Smitten Kitchen's photos, the shape of her baked cookies is enviable. I would be in heaven if I could sink my teeth into a small, packed and loaded cookie! I followed her baking instructions, however my cookies did not turn out as hers did. I used an ice cream scoop to distribute the dough equally and flattened the balls ever so slightly and mine turned out as they did in the photo above. If you're happy with a regular shaped cookie, then proceed as normal, but if you're wanting the packed version, stick your mixing bowl with the dough in the fridge for an hour or two to let the butter firm up. This will ensure that when baking it does not spread out as much. 

This recipe got my family's seal of approval and will definitely be making a comeback. It's a relatively straight forward recipe that doesn't have too many individual steps, so it's perfect for whipping up on a Friday afternoon to carry you through the weekend! 

I apologise for my photo, I'm still trying to get my cookie photos to not turn out so yellow; learning as I go! 

What combinations would you put in your cookie? Let me know below!

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