21 May 2015

The Winning Scone Recipe

I am very excited to share with all of you the scone recipe that won the stomachs of my family members! Scones are wonderful to have for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, particularly when combined with some whipped cream and jam. I've tried about three or four different scone recipes but none were as light, as buttery, as delicious on its own as this recipe for petite vanilla bean scones with a vanilla bean glaze by Cooking Classy. 

This differs from the other recipes I have tried in a way that it incorporates an egg and cream in the batter. Also, reading the recipe you will notice that sugar has been included in the ingredients for the batter but not in the actual instructions. I must admit, I totally missed this one and noticed only after I started popping the scones into the oven! Doing a quick search for other scone recipes, I have concluded that sugar doesn't necessarily have to be added and in the end my scones were fine. 

Just before baking the scones (which I have cut into triangles as opposed to my usual circles), I brushed some cream mixed with vanilla bean paste for that added vanilla goodness. Once cooled (okay, maybe not completely cooled… I was very excited!) I mixed together some thickened cream, icing sugar, and (quite a bit of) vanilla bean paste. The mixture might come out lumpy, as mine did, so just pass it through a little sieve and you should be good to go. I used a silicone brush to add the glaze. Looking back, I could have definitely thickened the glaze up a bit more for reasons I will explain shortly. 

I baked the scones for about 15 minutes but the time will depend on your oven as well as you preference. I like my scones with a bit of a crust so I wait until it turns only slightly golden brown and out they come. 

I decided to cut the scones up into triangles as opposed to circles because I felt like they would be a good shape for when you want to grab a quick bite. This is where the thicker glaze comes in; because these scones are all vanilla'd up, they're perfect to have on its own - no need for jam or cream! The glaze will suffice for the creamy flavour. If you have time, heat the scones up in the microwave for about 15 seconds and it's as though they just came out of the oven. 

The scones were a hit with the family and was gone within 3 days. The recipe yielded about 10 scones, much less than other recipes I've tried but then again it could be due to the shape. Next time, I think I will add a half recipe to produce quite a decent quantity. What I personally love about this particular recipe is that the dough can be handled quite a lot without producing chewy scones, which means you can use up every single bit of dough without having to worry about a bad end product. 

If you love scones, you seriously need to give this recipe a go! It's been highly requested by my family and a few friends. Scones are one of the simplest things you can make and the ingredients are ones that you would normally have in your pantry. If you do decide to try it out, let me know how you get on with it; I'd love to hear your experience! 

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